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Being “tired” is common but not normal…

fatigueFeeling fatigued at any part of your day may be common, but is certainly not normal.  

Cortisol is a stress hormone that is in our back corner ready to go to bat for us.  It’s there to respond as soon as the body perceives stress.  When the body experiences short term stress, cortisol performs beautifully.  It makes itself available to put the body in a state of alert, so we can “react” as deemed necessary.  When it’s long term stress, something internal/external or both,  it becomes depleted.  When cortisol becomes depleted the body takes over and begins stealing from other hormones, such as progesterone.   Progesterone is needed for fertility, menstruation and gestation. BUT if progesterone is depleted, it can’t do that part of the job.  Then estrogen takes over and then weight gain, heavy periods, infertility, cancerous growths, exhaustion, etc. ensues.  Are you catching on?  It’s allllllllllll related.  

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Hold the Joe?


Americans love their coffee, especially the caffeinated kind. And as we age, chase kids, run a family, and be busy we become a little more tired making us crave the caffeine even more. But as we “mature” our livers become taxed and caffeine or even increased caffeine can wreak havoc on our liver.

As Dr. Alan Christiansen, the author of “The Adrenal Reset”, states:

“People have very significant differences on how well they can tolerate caffeine. It is also true that we all become more sensitive to caffeine once we pass our mid 20s. Specifically what happens is that it takes longer to move caffeine through our liver and out of our body as we age. If you are in your 40s, you might be able to eliminate up to 100 mg of caffeine over the course of the day. Imagine what would happen if you consumed even just 120 mg every day. Rather than starting over each day you would have a backlog left over from the day before, on top of the extra hundred 120 mg that day. The problem is that eventually you have caffeine in your bloodstream all day long even if you only consume it in the morning.

That continual exposure to caffeine prevents you from shutting off your cortisol at night. For many people that can lead to poor quality sleep; harder to get to sleep and harder to stay asleep. You can also prevent your body from responding to your thyroid hormones in the morning, which makes you more tired and less able to burn fat.

What to Do?
If you are a regular caffeine user, here are some ways to be strategic about it:
Take a minimum of one day per week to avoid caffeine altogether. This will keep you from building up a backlog. For many, two days works even better, especially when they are consecutive. Here’s a secret, the days you have caffeine, you will enjoy it more and get more of a boost out of it then you would if you were a daily user.

If you are more sensitive to caffeine than others, you may be better off focusing on decaffeinated beverages like coffee or tea. Some are sensitive enough to where they are better off avoiding even decaffeinated beverages on a regular basis. “Decaffeinated” does not mean caffeine-free.

Tired all the time without your coffee?  It’s important to dig deeper.  Your adrenals may need true support.

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Are you chasing symptoms?

Symptoms-ExperiencedYou’ve visited your doctor with complaints: fatigue, weight gain, loss of libido, sleep problems, digestive issues, hormonal, depressed, fogginess, cold, body aches, irritable… you get the idea.  The physician will assess these areas of complaints by addressing the symptoms:  sleep problems- a sleep pill; depression- an anti-depressant; hormonal issues- a birth control pill; an anti-inflammatory for the aches and so on.  This means may target the symptoms and may even offer relief care; all of which you need.  But is it?

Symptoms are an expression of the body telling you that something isn’t working right. And when we don’t pay attention to the first symptoms, others follow.  Attempting to quell symptoms is like trying to put a band-aid over a nail in your foot.  The nail remains and so do the symptoms.  All the bandaid offers is a ‘cover up’.    Allow me to explain further.

The body has a built in de-stressing system.  When it’s tapped on a chronic level, fatigue sets in, the thyroid is instructed to work harder, sleep becomes less of a priority and therefore the body can’t repair, sleep affects appetite and weight gain, the digestive system becomes cranky and smelly, and chats constantly with the brain (foggy thinking?), the enteric nervous system that regulates mood resides in the digestive system so irratibility sets in and the sex hormones get stolen to support the de-stressing system so there are none left to enjoy lovemaking.  No wonder you feel like crap and all the symptom-chasing pills will not support your needs.

Are you chasing symptoms? Get to the root cause.  I can help.

The Hormone Cure Quiz

Rule Your Hormones Quiz

Welcome to the Hormone Cure Quiz developed by Dr. Sarah Gottfried, a Harvard-trained gynecologist. Doctor Gottfried has used this quiz on over 10,000 clients with great success with results.  Dr. Sarah has trained additional practitioners to help her educate more than 1 million women on how to feel great again using a nutritional approach. As one of the privileged practitioners trained in the Hormone Cure I can extend this quiz to you. 

No longer are symptoms “normal”.  Now you can get answers to your fatigue, weight gain, hormonal issues, low libido, sleeplessness, hot flashes, etcetera.

I’ve used Dr. Sarah’s Hormone Cure Quiz verbatim per her requirements.  It is free to  take but will require a name and a valid email address.  Please include any additional contact information you may find helpful. 

Please complete the quiz to the best that you can. The results will be sent to me and I will contact you so we can get started in helping you feel well again.

I’m also trained as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and will assist you with immune, digestive, detoxification, environmental stressors and neurotransmitters so be sure to add additional information that you think will be helpful.

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Understanding Chronic Stress – 10 minute video

Understanding chronic stress both internal and external and the body’s physiological response to it.  Please do review. 


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