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Center for Disease Control – trustworthy or corrupt?

In recent news the Center for Disease control has been implicated in covering up fetal deaths resulting from pregnant mothers that were vaccinated with the influenza vaccine in 2009/2010.  Even worse, the CDC abstained from disclosing to OB/GYN’s that there was a risk to the mothers and their unborn children.  As a result of this massive cover-up with data being released 2 years late, pregnant mothers are now being instructed to take 4 vaccinations during pregnancy.  Will this more recent policy be challenged?  Bearing the ‘new’ information the vaccination policy certainly should be challenged for  “life and death” reasons.  Further, to this date, there is no scientific literature that supports that unborn fetuses are ‘safe’ when exposed to vaccinations in utero.  And as a result of the recent data, more signs are pointing to it is unquestionably not safe for pregnant mothers to be vaccinated.   

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What I don’t understand is why isn’t this on the cover of every newspaper? Featured on the news? What are your thoughts? Shouldn’t the CDC be scrutinized? Please give this thought and share the information.

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