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Best campfire food…and healthy too!

campfire popcorn maker

I’m a little late into camping season but I must confess I just discovered this.  I am a huge popcorn lover (organic kernels) fresh flaxseed oil and pink himalayan salt…the thought of it makes me salivate!  But what to do around the campfire? The ingredients in jiffy pop detract from the simplicity of this snack, filling it with unnecessary preservatives.  This mechanism uses oil of your choice and popcorn of your choice.  And you can even heat butter in it after the popcorn pops and “toss it” to coat the popped kernels.  It works great and my kids (and I) were pumped to enjoy this mechanism over the campfire.   It’s sold at Walmart for under $20.  Maybe a great stocking stuffer?

Be well,