The SMART meter violation

Sometimes I feel as though I live in a haze, clear of what I see in front of me and naive to what’s around me.  I just learned that since June 2012 a SMART meter was installed by Southern California Edison on my residential property, entirely unbeknownst to me.  I do not recall ever receiving contact that this instrument would be installed on my property and did not believe that Edison nor any other company would have the right to do so. 

Given my son’s history of seizures, I’ve been extremely conscientious of our decisions to use in our home TV’s, refrigerators, toaster ovens, wireless routers and wireless laptops.  I’ve done my damndest to remediate these waves as much as I can.  I have Qlink stickers on our cell phones (which have demonstrated regulating brain waves)and Aulterra Neutralizer stickers on all of our major appliances.  I know I couldn’t put either of my children in a bubble but I at least felt that I had control over my home environment.  Now I realize that I couldn’t have been more wrong. Somehow the government and its entities had the right to enter on my property and install this health damaging device without my knowledge.  According to the representative I spoke with at Edison, I didn’t have to be informed because they own the machine. 

I’ve been entirely aware of the SMART media potential for radiating harmful EMF’s (electric magnetic frequencies) constantly throughout the day.  Yes, EMF’s are radiated from microwaves (if they were running 24 hours a day) and our cell phones.  Yet the SMART meter radiates at a much higher level; potentially up to 80 times higher than the EPA allowance and it runs constantly 24 hours a day.

I’m equally frustrated by me not being aware of the SMART meter installation in our area. For some naive reason I  thought that perhaps Mammoth was exempt from this invasion and didn’t think the machines had reached our area. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Other counties in California such as Marin and Santa Cruz have denied SMART meters into their towns. They have issued bans and the utility companies have had no other choice but to comply.

Those that oppose the use and implementation of SMART meters base their decisions on information derived from such well researched articles as the  American Academy of Environmental Medicine that states “chronic exposure to radiofrequency radiation is a preventable environmental hazard that is sufficiently well documented to warrant immediate preventative public health action”.  Other well researched papers such as “Getting Smarter about the Smart Grid” argue that there is no intelligence to the design or implementation of these SMART meters.  The article “10 Questions for your Utility Company”  is a great tool for customers to use when discussing with their utility company how SMART meters may affect their health and their utility bill. 

Utility companies argue that the evidence is not sufficient to ban SMART meters.  This reinforces that indeed no time has passed to gauge the long term effects on health and our children. This is a strong enough reason to keep SMART meters off my property and preferably out of my town.

In my personal life and in my nutrition practice, I focus on reducing the total external stress load as much as possible. Then again, I perceive external stressors as those I can control.  In this situation I feel as though my control over my environment is slowly slipping away.

When I contacted Edison I insisted that my SMART meter be removed. They agreed to my request at a $75 one time fee for its removal and $10 per month for maintenance.  Amazing, I have to pay  more to keep my family healthy.

What are your thoughts? Were you aware of their presence? Have you experienced health issues? I’d like to hear from you.

Next blog, I’ll keep it light.  I promise. 

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  1. Daylight says:

    Thank you for posting this article. It is somewhat rare to find others who are aware of the Smart Meter risk.
    There is a woman named Cindy Sage who has done a lot of work to around EMF’s. She was pivotal in apprising me of the potential cell tower in Crowley Lake. I don’t know the name of her website, but if you google her name, I’m sure it will come up. She has done extensive research.

    Aside from the EMF issue from one Smart meter, there is a web of appliacance connections that amplify the hazard. Networking together they all create a grid of problems. I think metal siding is one way to keep the EMFs from penetrating.

    Anyway, thank you again.

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