One man’s meat is another man’s poison

We’ve heard of stories of ‘others’ that suffer debilitating symptoms as a result of eating the ‘wrong’ foods:  the woman who ate shellfish and swelled up or the boy who ate peanuts and went into anaphylactic shock.   Both of these frightening circumstances present a reality for many people requiring them to avoid those foods at all costs.  But yet there are those of us that eat peanuts and shellfish and never experienced a symptom.  No symptoms, no problems, right? It depends.

As I’ve discussed in my previous posts: symptoms manifest themselves in different ways.  A person may not swell up immediately after eating wheat, for example.  However that person may suffer from joint pain, foggy concentration, or even migraine headaches.  Could wheat be a culprit contributing to these symptoms? You bet.  You may think: but I don’t have stomach problems, or gas or indigestion.  That is highly possible.  We are all unique individuals and all respond differently to what we ingest on a daily basis.  An important thing to consider is the more often that we ingest these detrimental foods the more damage the body endures.

What can we do about this? Remove all irritants, give the body the supports it needs and let it do the rest.  Begin with taking a food sensitivity test (MRT or IgG) and determine what foods are irritants.  Then remove them from your diet entirely.   (A food sensitivities test can evaluate what foods are right and what foods are wrong for an individual.  Blood is drawn and sent to the lab.  Depending on the test the lab then determines your bodies response to certain foods.) By removing irritating foods, and all other irritants, the body will attempt to restore normal function.

Nutrition for thought.

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