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How to be prepared for a food emergency

You’re making changes to your diet and are proud of this new adoption and how improved you feel.  You’ve organized your meals as best as you can and then discover you are hungry and have no healthy snacks available.  You want something quick and easy and find that you have little time.  You now have three options:

1.  Run out to the store or fast food place to get something to eat (but that would counteract all of your efforts)

2.  Wait until you have more time to eat (that would deprive your brain of the glucose it’s craving)

3.  Dive into your food emergency bag. 

The latter sounds like the best option and actually is the best option because it gives you the tools you need to stay on track with eating foods that make you feel good and are good for you.   And what should you have in that bag, refrigerator, or purse? Here’s a brief list I’ve put together:

1.  Raw food bars (Larabars, for example)

2.  Nuts packages and seed packets

3. Canned wild salmon

4. Nut butters

5. Apples

6. Beef Jerky

7. Salmon Jerky

8.  Hard boiled eggs

8.  Even some dark chocolate

But I can’t steal the limelight any further. Dr Mark Hyman does that best in describing what should be in your food emergency bag.  You can watch him here

A food emergency bag is necessary whether you are travelling in the car, at an airport, or work out of your home.  It’s great for individuals and for families (my kids dive into the bag before we even leave the driveway!). 

Hope this helps.

Be well,