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When low-carb is too low

Eat paleo!  Stay away from carbs! Go Vegan!  Which diet to choose can be confusing.  Plus, we are all individuals with individual biochemical needs so choosing one diet to “fit into” may not work.  

Yes, Paleo is popular right now.  Some Paleo followers will insist that a “true” Paleo diet doesn’t allow sugars, such as honey; others will tell you “their” Paleo diet does.   The key here is to understand that the best diet for you is the “YOU” diet; based on your needs.  I would agree that grains,breads and pastas do not provide “essential” nutrients like protein, that offers “essential” amino acids and fats that offer “essential” fatty acids.  But, some individuals can tolerate more grains in their diet than others.  

So, how to know if you should consider more carbs? Chris Kresser is an outstanding researcher; one I have utmost respect for.  His assistant recently wrote an article entitled “Is a low-carb diet ruining your life?”.  The author makes important distinctions as to when a low-carb diet may not be beneficial.  The supports are made for athletes, adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalance, gut dysbiosis, pregnancy and more; times when the body is in a chronic state of stress.  

I think this information is important for those of you that are considering going “Paleo” or more importantly want to create a long-term diet that helps you feel amazing.

I’d like to hear from you.  Have you tried eating more fats and giving up carbohydrates in the form of grains, breads and pastas?  How have you felt?

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Have you earthed today?

photoFor thousands of years humans and animals have lived in direct connection with the earth.  We originally lived in caves, slept on dirt, walked barefoot and ate directly from the earth.  We have evolved into much more lavish (and more comfortable) standards of living.  We live layers above ground, with at least one floor dividing us from the earth, add synthetic flooring and carpet, wear man-made soles, and walk on asphalt.   And during this evolution we’ve seen more inflammation and illness surface in humans: earlier onset of dis-eases, sickness and compromised immunity. 

Is there a connection? According to *Joseph Mercola, D.O. there is.  The earth is an infinite number of electrons – running at a slightly negative charge.  This is scientific.  And when the body is connected directly to the earth it becomes fully charged and balanced. Why is this you ask? Simply put, the body is a conducter.  The body when in direct contact with the earth becomes fully charged and balanced.  But when a person wears synthetic soles, or walks on layers between themselves and the dirt, there is no connection.  The further the body is from the earth, the greater the charge on the body. 

Static electricity sound familiar? Immune system compromised?  Get grounded: be in connection with the earth. Put your feet in the sand, walk outside on the dirt barefoot and lie on the grass.  

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