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Are you chasing symptoms?

Symptoms-ExperiencedYou’ve visited your doctor with complaints: fatigue, weight gain, loss of libido, sleep problems, digestive issues, hormonal, depressed, fogginess, cold, body aches, irritable… you get the idea.  The physician will assess these areas of complaints by addressing the symptoms:  sleep problems- a sleep pill; depression- an anti-depressant; hormonal issues- a birth control pill; an anti-inflammatory for the aches and so on.  This means may target the symptoms and may even offer relief care; all of which you need.  But is it?

Symptoms are an expression of the body telling you that something isn’t working right. And when we don’t pay attention to the first symptoms, others follow.  Attempting to quell symptoms is like trying to put a band-aid over a nail in your foot.  The nail remains and so do the symptoms.  All the bandaid offers is a ‘cover up’.    Allow me to explain further.

The body has a built in de-stressing system.  When it’s tapped on a chronic level, fatigue sets in, the thyroid is instructed to work harder, sleep becomes less of a priority and therefore the body can’t repair, sleep affects appetite and weight gain, the digestive system becomes cranky and smelly, and chats constantly with the brain (foggy thinking?), the enteric nervous system that regulates mood resides in the digestive system so irratibility sets in and the sex hormones get stolen to support the de-stressing system so there are none left to enjoy lovemaking.  No wonder you feel like crap and all the symptom-chasing pills will not support your needs.

Are you chasing symptoms? Get to the root cause.  I can help.

Have you earthed today?

photoFor thousands of years humans and animals have lived in direct connection with the earth.  We originally lived in caves, slept on dirt, walked barefoot and ate directly from the earth.  We have evolved into much more lavish (and more comfortable) standards of living.  We live layers above ground, with at least one floor dividing us from the earth, add synthetic flooring and carpet, wear man-made soles, and walk on asphalt.   And during this evolution we’ve seen more inflammation and illness surface in humans: earlier onset of dis-eases, sickness and compromised immunity. 

Is there a connection? According to *Joseph Mercola, D.O. there is.  The earth is an infinite number of electrons – running at a slightly negative charge.  This is scientific.  And when the body is connected directly to the earth it becomes fully charged and balanced. Why is this you ask? Simply put, the body is a conducter.  The body when in direct contact with the earth becomes fully charged and balanced.  But when a person wears synthetic soles, or walks on layers between themselves and the dirt, there is no connection.  The further the body is from the earth, the greater the charge on the body. 

Static electricity sound familiar? Immune system compromised?  Get grounded: be in connection with the earth. Put your feet in the sand, walk outside on the dirt barefoot and lie on the grass.  

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