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How full is your kettle? Has it reached the tipping point?

loadgame_tippingpoint_logo I use the “kettle” as a symbolic description in an effort to articulate total stress load to my clients.   Each and every one of us has our own kettle.  When we were young the kettle appeared to have little filling.  Over time, after years of exposures to toxins, medications, lifestyle choices, internal stressors and nutritional deficiencies, the kettle begins to fill.   Each and every individual has available resources (referred to as nutrients) to help empty out their “kettle”.  How well each of us recovers from the kettle filling depends on the amount of resources.  Essentially the formula of resiliency= resources (minus) total “fillings”.  In other words, if the kettle “fillings” outnumber the resources the “kettle” tips.   The tipping point is when an individual becomes highly symptomatic.  According to Soram Khalsa, MD, the tipping of the kettle leads to either malignancy or chronic inflammation. It’s essential to reduce how full your kettle is. 

Review this list of potential internal stressors. 

1. Sugar and refined foods.
2. Hidden food sensitivities.
3. Nutritional deficiencies.
4. Toxins including heavy metals.
5. Digestive issues (the gut is often referred to as ‘the second brain’.
6. Stress (emotional, trauma, social or work related)
7. Inadequate exercise.
8. Insufficient sleep.
9. Chronic infections (viruses, parasites,bacteria, fungus, etc).

You can read the full article read here. 

Could these stressors be filling your kettle? How full is your kettle?

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