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Monsanto hates these recent findings…

The predominantly used weed killer, glyphosphate, pushed by Monsanto for the last few decades has been declared a “probable carcinogen” by the World Health Organization.  Glyphosphate (as one of the organophosphates)  has been linked to non-hodgkins lymphoma, lung cancer and known cancer in animals.  Other countries including Denmark, France and Brazil are moving to ban the well marketed  “Round up” that Monsanto has falsely promoted as a safe pesticide.  

Exposure to Round up and other organophosphates are linked to antibiotic resistance, compromised immunity and heavy toxic loads associated with diabetes and obesity.  Because glyphosphate can’t be “rinsed” from the fruit the exposure to this toxic and damaging substance can reach every household in America.  

Over 20,000 farmers are at risk of developing symptoms such as vomiting, skin rashes, leukemia, brain cancer, birth defects, and nerve damage from working at close range.   Drinking water that has been contaminated with glyphosphate is linked to kidney damage.  

Monsanto is pursuing a retraction of this “damming report”.  

Buy organic whenever you can.   Refer to my blog on the dirty dozen that are high in pesticides.

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