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Pope Francis proclaims the evil in genetically modified foods

pope francis

On June 18, 2015 Pope Francis published a 184-page letter declaring our global responsibility toward environmental degradation.  He makes numerous strong statements, backed by research and proclaims

“our immense technological development has not been accompanied by a development in human responsibility, values and conscience.”

This is a complex environmental issue; it calls for a comprehensive approach which would require, at the very least, greater efforts to finance various lines of inde­pendent, interdisciplinary research capable of shedding new light on the problem.”

Pope Francis acknowledges the dangers of pesticides and GMO’s in this letter and also states the necessity for future research to be conducted by independent researchers.   Go Pope Francis!


Monsanto hates these recent findings…

The predominantly used weed killer, glyphosphate, pushed by Monsanto for the last few decades has been declared a “probable carcinogen” by the World Health Organization.  Glyphosphate (as one of the organophosphates)  has been linked to non-hodgkins lymphoma, lung cancer and known cancer in animals.  Other countries including Denmark, France and Brazil are moving to ban the well marketed  “Round up” that Monsanto has falsely promoted as a safe pesticide.  

Exposure to Round up and other organophosphates are linked to antibiotic resistance, compromised immunity and heavy toxic loads associated with diabetes and obesity.  Because glyphosphate can’t be “rinsed” from the fruit the exposure to this toxic and damaging substance can reach every household in America.  

Over 20,000 farmers are at risk of developing symptoms such as vomiting, skin rashes, leukemia, brain cancer, birth defects, and nerve damage from working at close range.   Drinking water that has been contaminated with glyphosphate is linked to kidney damage.  

Monsanto is pursuing a retraction of this “damming report”.  

Buy organic whenever you can.   Refer to my blog on the dirty dozen that are high in pesticides.

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Three of the latest WOW discoveries

I’ve been extremely busy reviewing the latest health news, exploring specific healing tools and working with clients. I’m learning so much and experiencing many ‘Aha’ moments. In doing so, I have let my blog casually slip by. So here I am… back and ready to post again even if it’s just sharing periodic “WOW” information. Here are this week’s WOW moments:

1. My current tally of Vitamin D deficiencies is 6 for 6 which means that 6 out of 6 individuals have tested positive for vitamin D deficiency. There are only 30,000 genes in your body and vitamin D has been shown to influence over 2,000 of them. That is one of the primary reasons it influences so many diseases including:
Cancer Hypertension Heart disease
Autism Obesity Rheumatoid arthritis
Diabetes 1 and 2 Multiple Sclerosis Crohn”s disease
Flu Colds Tuberculosis
Septicemia Aging Psoriasis
Eczema Insomnia Hearing loss
Muscle pain Cavities Periodontal disease
Athletic performance Macular degeneration Myopia
Pre eclampsia Seizures Fertility
Asthma Cystic fibrosis Migraines
Depression Alzheimer”s disease Schizophrenia

Vitamin D really isn’t a vitamin at all but a potent neuroregulatory steroidal hormone. It has become very clear that vitamin D deficiency is a growing epidemic across the world and is contributing to many chronic debilitating diseases. Some doctors allege as high as 95% of the population may be vitamin D deficient, my results are leaning in that direction entirely.

#2. TWO Faced Monsanto: Monstanto is doing everything in its power to not allow labeling of GMO goods in this country. BUT in Britain they advertise themselves as supporters? See the video here under the heading ‘the two faces of Monsanto’. Labeling of GMO foods has been fought against by Monsanto and its lobbyists by using millions of dollars in marketing and ads. California was nearly successful in making the manufacturers of GMO foods responsible in labeling their goods. Now the movement is taking place in Washington. Why the fight in the US and not in Great Britain? Because Monsanto doesn’t have an option in the UK.

#3. Coke is a joke campaign.  It’s been suspicious for quite some time that aspartame, the ‘no calorie sugar substitute’ used in Diet Coke is a danger to your health.  Recently aspartame was deemed ‘the most dangerous substance on the market that is added to foods’. When ingested aspartame metabolizes into wood alcohol (a poison) and formeldahyde (a carcinogen that cannot be filtered through the liver and kidneys).  It’s linked to brain damage, cancer, seizures, migraines, and any neurodegenerative disease we can think of.  Stay away from all products with aspartame in them; especially Diet Coke.  Remember it’s about eating the right foods with calories not the wrong foods with no calories.  Interested in research? Here are 20 of hundreds of studies on aspartame

Off to a conference on methylation/sulfation. 

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