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These supplements are easily found at our favorite department stores, but are they good for us?


I’m often asked about supplements: where to purchase them or why is it necessary to buy them through recommended manufacturers.  I explain that there may be unnecessary fillers (such as a food like rice bran, gluten, soy, corn and even dairy) and even chemicals that can create more harm than good.  Even moreso, as a practitioner, I’m concerned about the manufacturing process, especially when the supplements are significantly cheaper than products that are manufactured under strict practices.  

In February, 2015, the New York State’s Attorney’s office found that 4 out of 5 supplements tested from Target, Walmart, GNC and Walgreens did not contain any of the herbs listed on their labels!  

Walmart offered a gingko biloba, to improve memory, that contained radish, houseplants and wheat even though it stated it was a wheat-free product!  

GNC sold products that had unlisted fillers including peanuts, legumes and soybeans.  These are highly allergenic foods that can create damaging consequences. Read more here 

Unfortunately, these are just two examples of gross negligence sold by major department chain stores.  The New York State’s attorney is the first governmental agency to make legal claims against these chain stores which needs to be commended.

It is very important is that you understand that you are potentially creating more harm than good by purchasing and consuming supplements from these major chains.  When it comes to your health, please consider investing in manufacturers that have certified their practices.  

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So you have your DNA results…now what?


Many of you have expressed an interest in getting the results of your genetic makeup.   I’ve spent hours studying and a weekend in Seattle, WA learning about gene variances and what can be done about them.  The news is: your genes are fixed BUT they can be turned on OR off.  Lifestyle choices including diet, exercise and even supplementation can help determine whether those genes are turned on OR off.

I do find knowing your genetic variances helpful, but not necessarily the best directive.  I’m more interested in how the body is performing and can usually interpret by seeking certain metabolic markers from a variety of lab tests.

But if you’ve pursued your genetic makeup through the very affordable company ($99 at the time of this blog) you can get a highly beneficial FREE interpretation of those results detailing nutritional supports/supplements to take and to avoid.  This information is invaluable in promoting a body that performing optimally.  Did I mention free?

Here’s the link.


Genetic Genie is another option but I find nutrahacker provides more specific information on supplementation.  

If you are interested in more information on genetic variances, please refer to my blog article “Genetics do not cause Epidemics

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What do Carol Burnett and vitamins have in common?

I’m a 70’s child.  The Carol Burnett show was one of my favorite forms of entertainment. 35 years and two children later I found a copy of Carol Burnett’s Greatest Episodes on DVD.  I purchased it right away and couldn’t wait to share the episodes with my children.   We unpacked the DVD just a couple of weeks ago and began to watch the first episode of the series. 

The DVD began with the opening of the first episode spent with Carol Burnett on the stage taking questions and answers from her audience members.  The audience was packed with people dressed in their time and age:  in 70’s fashion.  Afros, long hair, bell bottoms, multiple patterns and the Dorothy Hamil haircut were modeled by several of the audience members. Carol Burnett standing with a strong poise on the stage graciously accepting all questions from audience members.  She did it with grace, confidence, energy and humor responding to each question with care.    One of the first questions from the audience members  directed this question to Carol Burnett:  “How do  you always seem to have so much energy”?  She answered ‘I take my Vitamins and many of them’.  She then responded with ‘Find a good nutritionist.

 We then proceeded to watch episodes, laughing hysterically at the idiosyncrancies of life.  Carol Burnett’s energy was captured in her every move, gesture and response.  My children found her hilarious and I learned something new from her.  If the right vitamans and supplements are the vitality behind Carol Burnett then we too can achieve those same results.

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Why all the supplements?

pillsThere is much discussion about supplements these days: what supplements to take; do they contradict each other; is it really necessary to take supplements? 

It has become more present that the foods we eat today are not the same foods that our ancestors ate 100 years ago.  Seeds have been genetically modified, the soils have been contaminated, whole foods have become refined foods, pesticides have become in mainstream use and fast food is more popular than ever.    Over time our whole foods have become depleted, lacking in nutrients and vitamins; what the body needs 24 hours a day to function optimally. 

What about the fortified foods you ask? Fortified foods have been supplemented by the Food and Drug Administration to meet minimum requirements as determined by the FDA.    And yet with all of the fortified foods being consumed approximately 70% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient, for example (per Joseph Mercola, MD).  As Edward Giovannucci, MD, Professor of Nutrition and Epidemiology at Harvard University states:

‘Milk alone is unlikely to be an adequate source of vitamin D. True, milk is fortified in the U.S. (it is not fortified in most countries). Each glass of fortified milk should contain about 100 IU of vitamin D (but on average, it may contain only 50 IU). So someone would have to drink at least 8 glasses of milk per day to get 800 IU of vitamin D. Moreover, most experts now conclude that 1,000 to 2,000 IU per day of vitamin D may be what we need for optimum health.’

I’ve recently read 1000IU’s per 25 lbs is the recommended dose of Vitamin D3 (per Dr. John Cannell of the Vitamin D Council).  This means that a 150 lb person would have to drink anywhere from 60 to 120 glasses of milk per day.  Get the picture? And this is only vitamin D we’re talking about.  I’ll save B Vitamins, Vitamin A, K,C and others for another time.

So what to take? Here are suggestions:

  1.  Find out what you’re deficient in.  Discuss with a practitioner what your needs are.
  2.  Avoid the ‘one size fits all approach’ with a multi-vitamin until you know what your body needs.
  3.  Purchase supplements from only reputable, quality manufacturers.  Many supplements are stuffed with fillers that are unneeded and can even be damaging depending on the individual.

Each and every one of us an individual.  Be sure to be supplemented like one.

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