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There’s a great app for this!


It’s been suggested that 70% of Americans experience blood sugar imbalances varying in extremes from insulin resistance  to reactive hypoglycemia.  In insulin resistance blood sugar is chronically to high and in reactive hypoglycemia blood sugar is chronically too low.  Many Americans can experience both insulin resistance and hypoglycemia.  In all circumstances the excess and deprivation of glucose can create organ and brain inflammation.  The good news is, there are dietary supports and nutraceuticals  that can help in managing blood sugar.  

The first step is to explore your diet.  Are you getting enough proteins, fats and carbohydrates on a daily basis.  Remember: Proteins provide essential amino acids and fats provide essential fatty acids;  carbohydrates in the form of mostly vegetables will provide you with essential minerals and vitamins; and there’s nothing essential about grains.  Still, we all struggle with making sure we are getting the right amounts of nutrients.  

Fortunately I’ve found a FREE (I love that word) app through the iphone that can help you manage your daily nutrients, inform you if you are eating enough of proteins, or fats and present you with an overview of your patterns. It’s called “MY Fitness Pal”.  I find it an excellent tool to fine tune the nutrients that you may need.    Initially it asks your age, goal (lose,gain,maintain weight), then on a daily basis you plug in your foods (their database is huge including everything from In n’Out protein style burgers to Mary’s gone crackers!).  There are great graphs demonstrate your ratio of foods.  You can even add in your exercise for the day.  

Here’s my recap.  Lesson #1: I wasn’t getting enough protein.  Yikes!  And I thought I was conscious incorporating meat into my diet and focusing on a protein with every meal.  Lesson #2:  I love fats.  About 50% of my diet is good fats (no trans fats).  Lesson #3: I eat 60% of my calories by dinner.  When I eat like this I feel great.  

I caution you.  I don’t want any of you counting calories.  This is not the purpose of the tool.  It is to understand if you are getting enough of the important nutrients: proteins and fats and some carbohdrates and to learn what ratios work best for you.   

I have clients that are under-nourished and incorrectly nourished regardless of their physical appearance.  The first step begins with looking at what they are eating on a daily basis.  This is a great tool to explore. Check out MyFitnessPal.  

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Healthy School Lunches

Awhile back I posted on the Facebook page “School lunch ideas” that were gluten and dairy free.  Still it’s helpful to get more ideas that can look and taste delicious and meet their nutritional needs with minimally 2 veggies, 1 fat and 1 protein.  

This parent really stepped it up in presentation and in options.  

40 Days of Gluten Free Lunches

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