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Sleep Deprivation and what you can do about it- Video

Thank you to those of you that joined me last week for the third part in the series “Get Your Health Back”. I discussed sleep, the systemic results of not sleeping well and getting to the root cause of why you may not be getting optimal sleep.

For those that could not attend I have posted this video. I kept it to under 30 minutes this time, omitting the Q & A. The last part of my series is this Wednesday and I’ll be focusing on Kids Health. Stay tuned for more information.

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Fat is not your fault

Yes; you read that correctly.  Many mainstream “integrative” Doctors that work within the ‘whole body’ approach are declaring this to be true.  Fat is not simply a result of over eating and not exercising.    Fat is  rather a result of a breakdown in your gastrointestinal system and ultimately a result of the culprit behind many illnesses… inflammation.  This is why fad diets prove to be ineffective for the long term.

How could this be?  Bacterial imbalances in the GI tract (also known as our ‘gut’) happen when processed, nutrient-depleted and sugared foods and/or infections (named as ‘invaders’) flood the digestive system. The result is a battleground.  The immune system makes all of its necessary attempts to defend itself from the “invaders”.  The ‘gut’ protective shield (also known as the mucosal barrier) becomes permeable (damaged) and food particles now escape from the ‘gut’ and leak into the bloodstream.  The result is massive inflammation, also known as swelling. 

What to do:

Hire a professional to help you identify the following:

  1. Identify through an IgG test what your food sensitivities are.
  2. Avoid those foods for a minimum of three months.
  3. Provide support for the digestive system with digestive enzymes.
  4. Heal the mucosal barrier.

No more invaders; no more swelling. 

Read more specifics on scientific studies and success stories on this approach:

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But why?

Advocate for healing

Do I or my child feel this bad and yet the Doctors can’t find anything wrong with him?

Why do I keep taking different drugs but they are not helping?

Why am I tired all of the time?

If any of these questions seem familiar, like they do to millions of people, know you’re not alone.  Doctors are there for you when you are sick and symptomatic.  Their methods of treatment are allopathic; in that what is directly related to your symptom is what they’ll treat.  As a functional nutritionist we look at the whole body and how systems, specifically the hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification and elimination systems are functioning.  Any breakdown in these systems can result in dys-function and ultimately symptoms.

Often times these symptoms are found to be not thought to be directly related to the cause.  For example, a breakdown in digestion resulted in a gut malfunction and headaches.  Now these headaches can be addressed with an anti-inflammatory, cafeine induced medication, through the allopathic model; but what is the likelihood of that symptom returning?  Very high.  The only resolve the individual will have is knowing that there’s a pill that can help them; albeit temporarily.  Relief is necessary, but what if you could find out the why and get rid of them altogether? Keep asking why and seek to find the anwers; they will come if you look in the right places.

Be healthy and happy!