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Register for a FREE WEBINAR: Learn how to NOT get the flu this season (whether you’ve had the flu shot or not)


Join me in a FREE Webinar and learn how to prevent getting sick with the flu or any other virus or infection running rampant.  

We know that the actual flu virus only affects 5% to 20% of the American population.  The remainder of spreading results from other viral strains.  When affected the average recovery may take up  to 20 days.  

What you’ll learn:

  • It’s not your coworkers or your children that give you the flu
  • The triggers that make you vulnerable to get the flu and other infections 
  • That you don’t have to give up all of your favorite foods to feel great
  • You have complete power over your health.

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The date for the webinar is Monday, January 18th at 5:00pm PST  I’ll keep it brief but chocked full of tools you can walk away with. 

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Podcast #3- The functional approach to kids health with the F.D.N. Master Reed Davis

reeddavispicCome join Reed and I as we discuss the functional diagnostic nutrition approach to helping kids recover from health issues.

Learn why Reed Davis, began practicing nutrition and “labs”  with symptomatic individuals as far back as 20 years.  He is a pioneer as a practitioner, paving the way for an emerging specialty in functional diagnostic nutrition that merges clinical nutrition and functional medicine.

Reed Davis founded F.D.N.,Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® and has trained over 2,000 practitioners on how to practice with nutrition and labs.

In this interview :

  • learn why in F.D.N. we don’t ‘guess’ about systems, we ‘test’.
  • learn why Reed believes that good health is a ‘birth right’ and
  • the difference between symptoms and the importance of systems
  • what we can do as practitioners and as a parents to ensure great health.

Please listen to this podcast as Reed Davis shoots it straight and follow Kids Health 101 on iTunes. 

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rc1Welcome to Advocate for Healing.  

My name is Lynn Altieri-Need and I have one mission:

to help families find the tools they need so they can heal

You may find me discussing through podcasts, webinars and blogging:   Kids Health 101, Nutrition for Seizures, Stress Hormones and digestion as my main focuses but you’ll see by my testimonials that my training as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner can help with nearly any symptom or illness that plagues an individual.   After all, I don’t treat the symptoms, I support the individual.  I don’t “guess”, I “test”. Come visit with me for a complimentary 30 minute consultation and be sure to sign up for updates on the right so you can be “in the know” of the most current knowledge available.

But why?

Advocate for healing

Do I or my child feel this bad and yet the Doctors can’t find anything wrong with him?

Why do I keep taking different drugs but they are not helping?

Why am I tired all of the time?

If any of these questions seem familiar, like they do to millions of people, know you’re not alone.  Doctors are there for you when you are sick and symptomatic.  Their methods of treatment are allopathic; in that what is directly related to your symptom is what they’ll treat.  As a functional nutritionist we look at the whole body and how systems, specifically the hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification and elimination systems are functioning.  Any breakdown in these systems can result in dys-function and ultimately symptoms.

Often times these symptoms are found to be not thought to be directly related to the cause.  For example, a breakdown in digestion resulted in a gut malfunction and headaches.  Now these headaches can be addressed with an anti-inflammatory, cafeine induced medication, through the allopathic model; but what is the likelihood of that symptom returning?  Very high.  The only resolve the individual will have is knowing that there’s a pill that can help them; albeit temporarily.  Relief is necessary, but what if you could find out the why and get rid of them altogether? Keep asking why and seek to find the anwers; they will come if you look in the right places.

Be healthy and happy!