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You don’t just have to “get through it”…FREE WEBINAR

headachesBy the time my female clients meet me, they have already attempted to resolve their hormonal imbalances on their own or with professionals.  Some have been told “it’s just part of aging”, “it’s part of being a woman” or even given metaphors such as ‘swimming through chomping crocodiles, you just have to get through it’.  When they reach me most are throwing their arms up in the air, feeling entirely frustrated.  

Here’s the scoop:  hormonal imbalances CAN be managed!

In order for hormonal imbalances to be managed they need to be brought back into balance. But first you need to learn which of your hormones are out of balance.  This is not a one size fits all approach.  For decades professionals have been attempting to balance hormones by recommending birth control pills, pain killers and antidepressants.  These may be necessary for the short term, but they are not a long term plan.  (I know because I was there for 16 years with hormonal imbalances associated with endometriosis).  Hormonal imbalances can occur for years and even decades so it’s necessary to get to the root causes of those imbalances.  And the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll feel improved and empowered. 

The only long term plan is learning how to:

  • Identify what hormones are out of balance
  • And commit to lifestyle, dietary and supplement supports to get them back in balance.  

Join me in a FREE WEBINAR “Rule Your Hormones: How to Take Back Control”.  Register Here

The FREE Webinar will take place on December 3rd, 2015 at 3pm PST.

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FREE WEBINAR: Rule your hormones- How to take back control.


If you just can’t figure out why:

  • You don’t feel positive most of the time
  • When stress attacks you’d rather run than take it on
  • You forgot what sleep is
  • You crave chocolate and coffee
  • You don’t have time to complete all of the tasks on your to do list without feeling overwhelmed
  • You wake up wanting to stay in bed
  • You can’t recall where you put your keys and your children (most of the time)
  • When your spouse or kids bug you, you are ready to flee
  • Your weight is wildly fluctuating

Then please JOIN ME in a FREE WEBINAR on “Rule Your Hormones: How to take back control ” on December 3rd, 2015 3pm PST.  Register here

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Exciting new developments at Advocate for Healing

I have just recently accomplished my training under Dr. Sarah Gottfried in her bestseller protocols: the Hormone Cure. Harvard-trained Dr. Sarah Gottfried developed these protocols after personally going through hormonal ‘hell’. After being recommended to eat less and exercise more and take an anti-depressant she was determined to research proven lifestyle choices and supplementation that would get to the root cause and make her feel better. That’s exactly what she did! She has used her proven protocols on over 10,000 of her patients and has found repeated success. She has a loooong waitlist for patients/clients to see her. BUT she wants this information to get out to over 1 million women in the next year. She extended her training to skilled practitioners and I was one of the fortunate practitioners to learn under her and be authorized to use her assessment and her protocols.

What does this mean? Using an assessment, referred to as the Hormone Cure Quiz, I can gather how your adrenals and your hormones are functioning. No saliva, blood, sweat or tears up front. It’s a simple FREE online assessment that you can now take through my website, here at Answer the questions and complete your contact information and I’ll be in touch.

How is this different than what I’ve typically offered? Prior to being trained in the Hormone Cure I used upfront functional labs to assess Hormone imbalances. Now I can offer this free online assessment and recommend protocols first. Then if further investigating is warranted I may recommend that the hormone assessment lab panel be completed. In other words, this new training builds onto my existing training in allowing two phases of assessment while always looking for the root cause(s) and providing the body the tools it needs to heal. I am so excited to offer this new insight!

Take the quiz here

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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