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Organic, healthy food and products at a fraction of the price. Is it possible?


In the last couple of weeks I’ve been receiving a blast of emails recommending that I check out Thrive Market.  It’s a new website that sells 4000 popular food, beauty,  baby and kids, home goods at discounted prices.  The catch is that there’s an annual fee of $59 (less than $5 per month). BUT you can buy products at a fraction of the cost, up to 50% off, and the products are shipped FREE to your home!  

Think “Costco meets Whole Foods”

Thrive Market’s mission is also philanthropic.  For every annual membership purchased one free membership is donated to a low-income family.  

So I gave it a look and was impressed.  We just recently ran out of fair trade, organic decaf coffee and found a product at Thrive at 12oz and only $8.45.  My kids love the “Kind” bars which Thrive offers a 12-pack at $15.99  (only $1.33 per bar!).  16 Larabars (I’m a sucker for the peanut butter chocolate chip) is only $18.99.  A 16 oz bag of coconut sugar is only $4.95.  Makeup, moisturizers and hair products appear affordable.  For one order of Kind bars I will recoup my $5 monthly fee.   Plus I’m a sucker for FREE SHIPPING.

Take a look at Thrive Market and let me know what you think.

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Eating foods you need on a healthy budget?

I hear often from my clients how much more expensive it is to purchase whole foods, especially of the organic, free range, grass-fed kind.  I too have experienced that “safe”, more nutrient dense foods can be more costly.  But I also have found that there are shortcuts to saving money while eating really really well.  Some of my practices include purchasing some bulk foods from a wholesaler (frozen grass-fed meats) and frozen organic fruits and berries.  But what are other ideas?

I’ve praised the environmental working group ( in other blog entries for their services that they offer including toxins evaluation of over 60,000 products.  But they’ve done it again with a tremendous FREE resource of how to eat healthy on a budget.   In this link you’ll find:

  • suggested vegetables that are less costly and most nutrient dense
  • suggested meats and fish that are safe to eat and affordable
  • meal ideas and recipes
  • and even how to budget specifically.  Like this really great tool below:

For every $25 you can spend on food, experts suggest:

• $6 for vegetables• $5 for fruits • $4 for grains • $4-5 for proteins • $4 for dairy • $1-2 for oils and other foods (check it out on page 28)

This is a “must read” for any household that wants to eat healthy but needs resources and direction.

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