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rc1Welcome to Advocate for Healing.  

My name is Lynn Altieri-Need and I have one mission:

to help families find the tools they need so they can heal

You may find me discussing through podcasts, webinars and blogging:   Kids Health 101, Nutrition for Seizures, Stress Hormones and digestion as my main focuses but you’ll see by my testimonials that my training as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner can help with nearly any symptom or illness that plagues an individual.   After all, I don’t treat the symptoms, I support the individual.  I don’t “guess”, I “test”. Come visit with me for a complimentary 30 minute consultation and be sure to sign up for updates on the right so you can be “in the know” of the most current knowledge available.

An easy stressor that we can remove from our daily practice.

Topical applications including shampoos, hair products, lotions, lip moisturizers, sunscreens, skin creams, makeup and nail polish can contain toxic substances such as pthalates and parabans that are heavily absorbed into the body adding to the toxic load.  According to the (the Environmental Working Group) about 70% of commercial skin/hair/body products contain contaminants. 

Pthalates, often referred to as plasticizers, are chemicals that are used to make plastic products more durable.  They are used in hundreds of products including vinyl flooring, detergents, personal care products, adhesives and oils.   Plasticizers release diethyl pthalate (DEHP) and it’s been declared by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “a probable known carcinogen”.  What does this mean? High exposure to DEHP OR low resources to detoxify DEHP OR both, may lead to cancer.   For these reasons young children that crawl on the floor, put their fingers in their mouth and have under-developed detofixification systems  are extremely vulnerable to DEHP exposure.  Adults with full “kettles” are also at risk of reach the “tipping point” by chronic exposures to DEHP (refer to my article here on “How full is your kettle?”)

Parabens are inexpensive chemicals used in hundreds of manufactured products as preservatives that kill viruses and fungus.  Parabens can be found in shampoos, moisturizers, shaving gel, topical pharmaceuticals, toothpaste, sunscreens, processed meats, for examples, but can be found in less thought of products as pancake syrup, pudding and muffins.   Parabens mimic estrogen and have been linked with premature development in young girls, damaged DNA sperm in men, diminished ovarian reserve and breast cancer. 

What to do?  The Environmental Working Group ( has evaluated over 69,000 skin/hair/makeup products for harmful toxic substances.  All you need to do is enter your product in question and the EWG will produce a green, yellow, or red rating system.  You can find the specific link here. 

This may take a bit of time to research safe products so that you can reduce your toxic load,  but I believe you are worth it.

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BREAKING NEWS: If you take aspirin you MUST read this

Aspirin has been encouraged by physicians to their patients for prevention of heart disease and stroke.  It is recommended to be used daily by  Bayer, the German-based manufacturer of aspirin, the company that in this past year alone has reaped the awards at $1.27Billion dollars in sales (  while putting thousands of people around the world at risk.  Such a great risk that the FDA has issued this warning:

“FDA has concluded that the data do not support the use of aspirin as a preventive medication by people who have not had a heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular problems, a use that is called ‘primary prevention.’ In such people, the benefit has not been established but risks — such as dangerous bleeding into the brain or stomach — are still present.” (

If you know of someone that has been urged by their physician to take aspirin on a daily basis, please share this.

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