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rc1Welcome to Advocate for Healing.  

My name is Lynn Altieri-Need and I have one mission:

to help families find the tools they need so they can heal

You may find me discussing through podcasts, webinars and blogging:   Kids Health 101, Nutrition for Seizures, Stress Hormones and digestion as my main focuses but you’ll see by my testimonials that my training as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner can help with nearly any symptom or illness that plagues an individual.   After all, I don’t treat the symptoms, I support the individual.  I don’t “guess”, I “test”. Come visit with me for a complimentary 30 minute consultation and be sure to sign up for updates on the right so you can be “in the know” of the most current knowledge available.

Today is my son’s 10th birthday AND SB277 is reviewed.

I find most experiences in life to be “more than a coincidence”.  This is one of them.

As many of you know we celebrate nearly 4 years (July 24th is the true anniversary date) of my son, Koa, remaining seizure free.  No drugs, no medications, no ketogenic diet, no missing school.  I’m so proud of this little man: his resilience, his determination to understand the world and his loving ways.   I’m also beyond thrilled that he can lead a “normal” healthy life: attending school, participating in all sports (concrete or not!) playing, taking chances and discovering the world around him.    

Today is also the day that SB277 (the mandatory vaccine law) will appear in front of the State Assembly.  If it moves through the State Assembly it may become a reality that Koa will be mandated to be vaccinated IF he wants to attend public schools.  Yes, that is correct.  Even though Koa was diagnosed with Epilepsy, was given a grim prognosis and then recovered when we discovered his impaired detoxification pathways, the excuse is not permissable by a physician to avoid vaccines.  He will be mandated by a physician to acquire further vaccines, the physician will be exempt from liability, and Koa’s health would be endangered.  The only health exemptions authorized by a physician will be if:

1.  you have cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy

2. you have had an organ or blood cell transplant

3. You are one of a rare group diagnosed with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency

Today we celebrate Koa’s 10th birthday and his recovery.  And we celebrate that to date he has been able to lead a “normal life”.  Ironically, on this very day, we will find out if  public education remains an option for him or if we need to being exploring independent study.

P.S. There is concern about those not being vaccinated and the harm that they present to the masses that are.  Here’s a brief fact for you:

“In 2015, California reported 136 cases of measles. Of the cases with vaccination records, 30 percent had been vaccinated. Only 18 percent of the measles cases were in school-aged children, while 55 percent were in adults.86,87 In 2014, out of 8,200 pediatric cases of pertussis with vaccination records reported in California, 90 percent of the children had been vaccinated.88” – Dr. Mercola

Be well and let’s remember “First do no harm”,


Finding the right tools so your body can heal

Because it can.  I know.  I’m one of them.  From the age of 12 to 26 I suffered from chronic pain, until I found the right recipe for my health.  I’ve been pain free for 16 years.  No drugs and no suffering.

My son is another.  He suffered from 20 to 40 seizures daily for approximately a year and a half.  The prognosis for my son was grim.  We were emotionally depleted and for some time putting ourselves and our son’s future in the hands of the medical professionals.  It wasn’t working.  My sons seizures increased and his toxic levels reached a new peak from the drug cocktails that were put forth.  Intuitively I knew that there was an entire body attached to my son’s over-examined head.  Once we we changed our reaction, sought other thinkers and looked at his whole body we found the right tools. His body is healing.  No drugs and no lapse in development.  He hasn’t had a seizure in 20 months. And he plays the cello, learns in two languages, skis and loves life every day.

My daughter is the third.  She’s suffered from vomiting migraines for 3 years now.  I’ve found great resolve and still seeking the root cause.  No drugs and no suffering.

It’s taken me three family members to realize what I am meant to do.  I’ve never been very good at following the “rules” just because someone put them in place.  Over time I’ve realized that  the more that I look at a problem with multiple perspectives the more I learn.    I’ve been studying health for over 15 years and am currently acquiring further training as a functional nutritionist.  I read all the time; interview great thinkers both in and out of the medical field and keep current on what can help people heal.  I truly believe that I can help others find the underlying causes of their symptoms and the tools they need so that they can heal.  I am here to help you!