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rc1Welcome to Advocate for Healing.  

My name is Lynn Altieri-Need and I have one mission:

to help families find the tools they need so they can heal

You may find me discussing through podcasts, webinars and blogging:   Kids Health 101, Nutrition for Seizures, Stress Hormones and digestion as my main focuses but you’ll see by my testimonials that my training as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner can help with nearly any symptom or illness that plagues an individual.   After all, I don’t treat the symptoms, I support the individual.  I don’t “guess”, I “test”. Come visit with me for a complimentary 30 minute consultation and be sure to sign up for updates on the right so you can be “in the know” of the most current knowledge available.

Meditation Affirmation- DAY 1


Thank you to all of you who signed up to join me in practicing meditation.  Yep, that’s my goal.  Not to be an accomplished meditator but just to begin.  

Tomorrow is our introductory day of meditation. Just 10 minutes…no more.  Now may be a good time to consider what’s the best time of day for you to practice your 10 minute meditation.  Is first thing in the morning best? Noon: just before lunch? Mid-afternoon, when the kids are napping? In the evening while sitting in the bathtub?  For tomorrow, just pick a time.  You can always change it.  

You may begin with this audio:

Sending Love (Female and only 10 minutes long)

Or if you’d rather be even more adventurous here are other options:

  1. Cultivating Peace and Joy  (Aussie male and 17 minutes long) 
  2. A long list of other meditation options.

Please enjoy all that your 10 minutes offers: including the distractions and the thoughts that may drift in/out (much against your will).  

Be well,


BREAKING NEWS: If you take aspirin you MUST read this

Aspirin has been encouraged by physicians to their patients for prevention of heart disease and stroke.  It is recommended to be used daily by  Bayer, the German-based manufacturer of aspirin, the company that in this past year alone has reaped the awards at $1.27Billion dollars in sales (  while putting thousands of people around the world at risk.  Such a great risk that the FDA has issued this warning:

“FDA has concluded that the data do not support the use of aspirin as a preventive medication by people who have not had a heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular problems, a use that is called ‘primary prevention.’ In such people, the benefit has not been established but risks — such as dangerous bleeding into the brain or stomach — are still present.” (

If you know of someone that has been urged by their physician to take aspirin on a daily basis, please share this.

Be well,


Peel back the layers to get to the root cause

I listened to a fabulous podcast the other day by a Naturopathic physician, Peter Glidden, who wrote “The MD Emperor Has No Clothes: Everybody Is Sick and I Know Why”.   The majority of his discussion was about how America is not a free medical society.  In his reports of his hundreds of successes with chronic illnesses he referred to Herrings Law.  Herrings law is applied mostly in homeopathy but is entirely relevant and purposeful in trying to dig for the root cause of sickness.  I had one of those ‘aha’ moments and thought it worth sharing.

Herrings Law goes something like this:  when the body responds to a stress or stressors it can’t handle, the body responds in layers.  The outermost layer of defense is the skin, the next most affected layer are the mucous membranes, then the ligaments, tendons and bones, the internal organs, the brain and finally the heart.  In using an example, a child with ezcema, if left untreated (or suppressed with a symptomatic therapy and the cause not identified) then the child may then develop chronic sinus infections.  If the source is still not found then the child may develop sore muscles or ‘growing pains’ and then eventually a thyroid problem, etcetera.  Keep in mind that the source may not be related to a new laundry detergent that created the skin condition, but could have been related to a food sensitivity, a digestive issue, or adrenal problems, etcetera.   This is all hypothetical, since as individuals we express in unique ways, but I’m hoping you  get the gist.  

This law also applies to the healing process and can be seen as reverse to the above breakdown.  For example, a client that’s digestive tract heals, loses the discoloring under the eyes or stops experiencing skin eruptions.   I’ve also seen a few clients develop a skin reaction to healing.  In both situations, I think of this as the body healing from the inside out.

Perhaps as an individual with deeper symptoms you can think back to a time when your skin ‘expressed’ itself first? Or as a child you suffered from ear infections, asthma or allergies?

More to think about.

Be well,



What do wildflowers and the human body have in common?

spring wildflowers put forth brilliant color displays in spring in the texas hill country if rains have cooperated

“post thumbnail” I was struggling of what image I could place in the thin header above the text. Then I came across a beautiful portrait of wildflowers and realized that it would be perfect , for now.  The picture reminded me of what I’m fortunate enough to see and experience every day; the beauty and the self-sufficiency of nature.

You see I live in the Eastern Sierra’s where I’m surrounded by beauty daily.  But it also lends itself as a world of wonderment.  I have hiked up many mountainsides, over saddles between peaks and found in the most unusual places wildflowers in full bloom and thriving.  I’ve often questioned the elements: how can this be? no rivers are visible, the elevation is quite high and the air is extremely dry. No trees can even survive in these areas and yet a lone wildflower sits healthy pointing its tip to the sun.

And yet for the past 10 years I’ve willfully attempted yearly to grow wildflowers in the soil in a plot in our front yard.  I believed to have bought the right soil, increased the watering schedule, reduced the watering schedule, bought different seeds, bought different soil, bought starter plants, dug deeper, dug shallow and yet no results.  In 10 years I have yet to be proud of one wildflower growing in the plot dominated by aspens. After 10 years, I sat staring at this mound and asked for the first time, how can I look at this differently.  It was then that I considered that perhaps the aspens were consuming all the nutrients that I believed that I was giving to my seeds.

As a result, I learned a few valuable lessons.  I made multiple attempts at scratching the surface but got nowhere because it took me 10 years to look at what could possibly be happening at the roots.   That nature just does: it provides for itself and uses what it needs.    Similar to nature, the human body provides for itself and does what it can to take care of itself.  We can treat the surface as symptoms arise or we can look at the roots and find out why something isn’t working quite the way we want it to and nurture it back to health.

Be healthy and happy!