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Ritalin is a class 2 narcotic, just like cocaine


I often get caught up in working with clients that I forget to communicate to all of you what I’m up to these days.  I have a passion to help all individuals get healthy and children are at the top of my priorities.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve had success with my own child, with helping other parents and knowing that if we intervene now, children may have a long term prognosis that defies the odds.

Currently 3.5 million American children are diagnoses with ADHD and are being treated. The first line of “treatment” is a class 2 narcotic chemically known as methylphenidate; brand names are Ritalin, Concerta, Medikinet and Equasym.  Cocaine is also considered a class 2 narcotic.  All of these “treatments” pose a long-term risk of addiction, as the tolerance increases with time, so  does the dosage. 

Serious side effects include sudden death, seizures, an increase in diagnosis for developing bi-polar behaviors, new psychotic symptoms, etc.    Other non-serious side effects include sleep problems and loss of appetite (266 percent experienced the latter in a recent study).    Sleep problems and loss of appetite can result in increased “ADHD” behaviors: hyperactivity, lack of focus, anxiety, etc.  (Remember, parents there is no blood test for ADHD/ADD.  It’s based on a set of symptoms).

In other words, “treatment” may need to be an immediate plan, but is NOT a long term plan.  One must dig deeper to identify the source of these symptoms.  Dr. Charles Gant, a pioneer in functional medicine and one of my mentors refers to the symptoms of ADD as this:

Absolutely 100% of human beings, without exception, can be made to display the symptoms of inattentiveness by simply driving their brains into a chemical imbalance, either with enough of a toxin exposure (brain poisoning) and/or with enough of a nutritional deficiency (brain starvation).

So how do I assess chemical imbalances, brain poisoning and nutritional deficiencies?  I use functional testing, rather than guessing.  Functional testing assesses the performance of the brain, the levels of toxins, the ability of the body to detoxify (an essential piece) and nutritional deficiencies (that can result from poor digestion/absorption).  I won’t go into huge detail but here’s a recent example.

A parent approached me about their child’s symptoms.  ‘Getting going’ in the morning was just one area identified by the mother as an area of focus.  ‘Getting going’ potentially indicated a deficiency in dopamine.  Ritalin addresses dopamine deficiency. Through comprehensive testing I identified numerous deficiencies, three of them being vitamin c, b6 and folate.  ALL of these are considered co-factors to dopamine.  This means that the body CANNOT make dopamine without adequate levels of vitamin c, b6 and folate.   This child could not ‘get going’ because she wasn’t absorbing/assimilating the correct co-factors to MAKE dopamine.  

Here are other areas that you can begin supporting now:

  1.  Reduce as much as possible sugar.  It spikes blood sugar and creates chemical chaos in the brain.
  2. Support your child with cod liver oil (450mg of DHA minimum).   Fatty acid deficiency is associated with behavioral issues, hyperactivity and inability to focus. 
  3. Explore a true elimination diet or get tested for food sensitivities.
  4. Get them out exercising EVERY day.  Exercise has been demonstrated in numerous studies to reduce the behaviors associated.  In one study it was revealed that 26 minutes of physical activity each day helped to significantly reduce ADHD symptoms in grade-schoolers.
  5. Digestive health (gut-brain connection).  How the gut performs is how the brain performs.
  6. Keep your child away from food colorings, preservatives.

I know you have a lot on your plate, parents.  I’ve been there.  Dig deeper, get support in developing that long term plan.

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The Truth About Cancer…


I just fast tracked through approximately a 15 hour documentary entitled the “Truth About Cancer”.  I was thrilled to gain in-depth insight into the various systems that need to be supported.  I wasn’t surprised by much of the information but excited to hear that there are practitioners that are doing exceptional work in this area.  Today is also a glorious day, because everything they discussed in this documentary, in a general sense is what I practice with my clients every single day.   

The Truth About Cancer revealed that chronic inflammation is the precursor to all disease.  This is the premise of my business.  Every single day I discuss with my clients the 9 Sources of Chronic Inflammation that can be found here.   We explore those 9 areas and complete self-assessments and functional testing as needed.  I identify a total stress load and focus on an individuals triggers against immunity.  Compromised immunity leads to chronic health issues and cancer.  Refer to “How full is your Kettle/Bathtub?”   I also discuss with every single one of my clients the importance of focusing on systems:  H.I.D.D.E.N (hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, environment and neurotransmitters) and we devise an individualized plan (Watch the video here)

I work with my clients helping them to identify internal stressors and determine the best tools that can support them through their health crisis: autoimmune, lyme, parkinson’s, alzheimer’s, seizures, hot flashes, chronic pain, weight gain and more.  After watching the Truth About Cancer I am more convinced than ever that I am helping them to prevent cancer as well.  

It’s another great day.

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“ADHD is a catchall diagnosis, into which the medical system too often tosses children who suffer from complex, metabolic disorders.  

ADHD has many diverse causes.

ADHD has many diverse remedies.”  Dr. Kenneth Bock author of Healing the New Childhood Epidemics  

Top neurologist discusses gut/brain connection and the cause of major neurological diseases.

It’s a must watch.





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I’m almost certain…


My grandmother has been experiencing dementia for 20 plus years.  In the past 5 years she was diagnosed with full blown Alzheimer’s.  My grandmother has been on statin (cholesterol blocking) drugs for the past 25 years.  Based on early test results that indicated “high cholesterol” she was placed on a low fat diet and cholesterol suppressing drugs.  I’ve been suspicious for the past few years in my heavy focus on neurological disorders that statin drugs were largely responsible for her long-standing dementia and now Alzheimer’s.

Recent science based research has revealed that cholesterol does not cause heart disease. Rather, sugar binding with fats in the process known as glycation creates cellular damage and plaque within artery walls.  My grandmother was instructed to eat a low fat diet.  A low fat diet is replaced by an increase in carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates break down to sugars and an influx of carbohydrates can create insulin sensitivity.  Insulin sensitivity has been strongly correlated with Alzheimer’s.  And sugar is directly linked with heart disease and damage of neurons.   The brain is composed of primarily fats and requires fats for memory, mood and resilience.  

Statins and a low-fat diet is the root cause of her dementia, neuron degradation and now Alzheimer’s? I’m almost certain.

Did you know that IBS can be resolved?


About 1 in 6 Americans are affected by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  It’s a condition that may include symptoms such as:

  • bloating
  • gas
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • stomach distention
  • cramping

There are pharmaceuticals on the market that “suppress” the symptoms but functional nutrition can be effective in getting to the root cause of these symptoms.  Once the root cause(s) is addressed and healing supports are put in the place the body can heal and STOP experiencing symptoms.

What are the root causes of IBS:

  • Stress
  • Toxins
  • Poor diet, nutritional deficiencies
  • Imbalanced microbiome (gut environment)
  • Allergies (including sensitivities)
  • Infections
  • Alcohol
  • Chronic usage of medications (OTC included)

The gut and the brain is connected by the vagus nerve.  So if “foggy thinking” needs to be added to your list of symptoms; know that it will be addressed when you source the root cause(s) of your digestive problems.  

How to address the symptoms assigned to IBS?

  1. Clean up your diet
  2. Identify assaulting foods
  3. Eat fermented foods and invest in a good multi-strain probiotic
  4. Take digestive enzymes with each meal
  5. Abstain from alcohol for a period of healing time

These top 5 items should help improve your symptoms. BUT if you find that it’s not enough then it’s prudent to dig deeper.  With a good functional medicine doctor or a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner you can get to the root causes and find resolve.

Be well,


Are you chasing symptoms?

Symptoms-ExperiencedYou’ve visited your doctor with complaints: fatigue, weight gain, loss of libido, sleep problems, digestive issues, hormonal, depressed, fogginess, cold, body aches, irritable… you get the idea.  The physician will assess these areas of complaints by addressing the symptoms:  sleep problems- a sleep pill; depression- an anti-depressant; hormonal issues- a birth control pill; an anti-inflammatory for the aches and so on.  This means may target the symptoms and may even offer relief care; all of which you need.  But is it?

Symptoms are an expression of the body telling you that something isn’t working right. And when we don’t pay attention to the first symptoms, others follow.  Attempting to quell symptoms is like trying to put a band-aid over a nail in your foot.  The nail remains and so do the symptoms.  All the bandaid offers is a ‘cover up’.    Allow me to explain further.

The body has a built in de-stressing system.  When it’s tapped on a chronic level, fatigue sets in, the thyroid is instructed to work harder, sleep becomes less of a priority and therefore the body can’t repair, sleep affects appetite and weight gain, the digestive system becomes cranky and smelly, and chats constantly with the brain (foggy thinking?), the enteric nervous system that regulates mood resides in the digestive system so irratibility sets in and the sex hormones get stolen to support the de-stressing system so there are none left to enjoy lovemaking.  No wonder you feel like crap and all the symptom-chasing pills will not support your needs.

Are you chasing symptoms? Get to the root cause.  I can help.

What do dinosaurs, weight gain and thumbtacks have in common?

dinoweddingphotobombSorry there is no punchline…even though it may seem likely with a title such as above.  All too often I read and hear about the latest drink mix, short term diet plan, or program that provides meals all for the purpose of helping women and men lose weight.  I also hear about those that struggle through counting calories, weighing themselves in front of peers and trying to fit into a pair of skinny jeans.  In America it’s estimated that more than 1/3 of Americans are obese… that is, severely overweight.  Let’s face it, people living in western civilizations are facing a risk factor of becoming overweight and the odds are against us all.

So why is it that diet fads consume the market and mass media but weight gain is on the rise?  Based on the functional medicine model and my experience, it’s because we are not identifying the root cause for the weight gain.  From a functional perspective weight gain is the thumb tack in the foot.  You can take an anti-inflammatory all day long but if the thumb tack remains, so will the pain for the long term.  Allow me to explain further.

Our physiology, biology and biochemical interactions are consistent with how the body functioned 40,000 years ago.  Yes, we have improved in intelligence since we were cave men/women but our genetic material has changed very little.  During prehistoric times we fought for our food, ran from dinosaurs and ate when it was possible.  Following the hunt and eat, the body would store the food as fat understanding that it will need a fuel source in the coming days; uncertain of its next meal.  Fuel is a matter of life and death for the body, so it prioritizes using the fight/flight response.   The fight/flight response is a built-in survival mechanism, adapting and compensating in order to protect itself, often without us asking it to.

Today, the body performs in much the same way.  When there are chronic stressors (external, internal or multiples) the body creates the same stress response: to store the fat.  Yes, we may not be running from dinosaurs but the body doesn’t make that distinction.  Regardless of the point of stress (food sensitivities, sleep problems, toxic overload, digestive issues, for examples); stress is addressed through the fight/flight response.  This is why all the shakes, diet plans and pre-packaged meals do not create the long term affects dieters are after.  They do not address why the body’s stressed. They rather attempt to act as the anti-inflammatory rather than the thumbtack.    

Are you interested in weight loss?  Then you need to identify the dinosaur(s) and remove the thumb tack.   Once this occurs, the body will resort to a state of ease, release the weight and function how we’d like it to, with long term success. 

Be well,


Sources of all chronic illness

These 9 areas have been identified in the functional medicine world as the 9 sources of all chronic inflammation and illness.  Whether you are experiencing weight gain, chronic fatigue, autoimmune, skin issues, digestive issues or just want more energy (just to name a few), these 9 areas when addressed can get you where you want to be.  


What’s at the root of many problems?

Advocate for healingWhat’s at the root of many problems?

Inflammation.  Swelling, irritation and ultimately inflammation is at the source of many dis-eases.  Fibromyalgia, sinus problems, aches and pains, a compromised immune system, migraines and so much more result from inflammation.
Where does the inflammation come from you ask?  Inflammation results from one or several factors depending on the individual.
1. Sugar and refined foods.
2. Hidden food sensitivities.
3. Nutritional deficiencies.
4. Toxins including heavy metals.
5. Digestive issues (the gut is often referred to as ‘the second brain’.
6. Stress (emotional, trauma, social or work related)
7. Inadequate exercise.
8. Insufficient sleep.
9. Chronic infections (viruses, parasites,bacteria, fungus, etc).

Today, I’ll talk about sugar and refined foods.

Sugary and refined foods.  The average american eats about 159 pounds of sugar per year.  Eating sugar wreaks havoc on the stress hormones and provokes a surge of insulin and adrenaline putting the body on a long tumultuous roller coaster ride.  The body in a constant effort of trying to compensate for the sugar surges results in inflammation; inflammation that spreads throughout the body and can and will eventually inflame the brain.

I know. I’ve seen it first hand.  My 10 year old daughter who generally is a pleasant, energetic child lost the plot on Easter Sunday.  Following the departure of good friends, a raging temper tantrum ensued that lasted for at least one hour: stomping, screaming, lashing and more. I hadn’t seen one of these since she was a toddler.  A couple hours after the incident she apologized.  The next morning she woke up with a headache.  I helped her clean her room two days after the incident and discovered several opened,used sugar packets under her bed.  When I asked her what in the world were these doing there she then released the truth. Easter Sunday in the morning, her and a few friends ate from them.  Aha! She sheepishly acknowledged that the sugar explained her toddler-like rage that wildly took over her and the headache that she had the following morning.  Natural consequences work great for my daughter. Sugar + child = temper tantrum/headache.

Sugar significantly attributes to inflammation but there are more inflammatory markers to look at.    Hidden food sensitivities are the next topic of discussion, one of great importance. See you tomorrow!

Be well,