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Are you low in this hormone that promotes peace and relaxation?

Progesterone is our hormone that’s made in the adrenals and in women, in the ovaries.  It helps us feel energetic, sleep well through the night, support our stress response, keeps our memory strong, skin elastic and promotes GABA, a built-in calming mechanism.  

Unfortunately through perimenopause and menopause, it leaves women quickly.  

How do you know if you are low in progesterone?

  • Do you wake between 2 and 4 am?
  • Do you experience heavy bleeding?
  • Erratic periods?
  • Anxiety? 
  • Low libido?
  • Fibrocystic breasts?

Even though many of these symptoms above are “common” they are NOT “normal”.  

There are certain supplements you can take to support the levels of progesterone, such as Vitamin C and selenium. Exercising “relaxation” and  identifying what other stressors can be reducing your progesterone levels can also support you.  And if attempting these supports on your own aren’t working, further testing may be warranted.  

Remember: you are entitled to feel great, not just “normal”.  

Be well,


Last night’s presentation on Weight Gain

Thank you to all that attended last night to my first presentation on stress and weight gain. I do hope that it answered any questions you may have surrounding weight gain and provided you with some tools to use. I am working on uploading the videos and should have them up and available to you shortly. Here are a few items I hope you took away with you:
1. All calories are not created equal
2. The importance of keeping your blood sugar stable, by avoiding refined flours and sugars and placing emphasis on balancing your meals.
3. Chronic stress (both internal and external) how it affects the body.
4. Survival mode (fight/flight) and how that may prevent you from losing weight.

I’d appreciate any other feedback you may have in preparation for next week’s session on the digestive system and allergies.  I’ll be uploading the videos soon and will keep you posted.
Be well,