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The female disease that plagues millions of women…

Endometriosis affects an estimated 1 in 10 women during their reproductive years (ie. usually between the ages of 15 to 49), which is approximately 176 million women in the world.  

According to, Endometriosis is a disease in which tissue similar to the lining inside the uterus (called “the endometrium”), is found outside the uterus, where it induces a chronic inflammatory reaction that may result in scar tissue.  It is primarily found on the pelvic peritoneum, ovaries, in the recto-vaginal septum, on the bladder, and bowel.”

It can begin when the young women has her first period and can endure past menopause.  The symptoms may include pain, often times severe, infertility, heavy bleeding, fatigue, painful intercourse, and much more.  According to conventional medical doctors, there is no cure.

I’m living proof that there is a nutritional means to alleviate if not eliminate many of the symptoms associated with endometriosis, especially PAIN.  

Since there are 176 million women in the world that are trying to survive through endometriosis, we all must know someone.  Please share my video with any women that you know that may be experiencing these symptoms, has or has not received a diagnosis, and or is just plain fed up!

There is a way, and I’m here to share it.






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After 17 years of being a pescetarian, I’ve started eating meat again…

For the past 20 years I’ve studied, review, listen and read, read, read about the benefits of food and diet.  In the end I believe that the most congruent message whether you are a vegetarian, pescetarian or pro-paleo is to eat real food.    Real food provides the body with the nutrients it needs.

 I’ve learned that there are essential amino acids and essential fatty acids (Nope there’s no such thing as “essential carbohydrates”).  Fatty acids can be acquired through a pescetarian diet (if you are conscientious about each meal and it nutritional value).   Meat, fish, eggs are all protein sources that offer all of the 21 essential and non-essential amino acids.  Amino acids are the building blocks of life.  Each and every amino acid individually and collectively serve a major purpose: building and repairing muscle, supporting the brain, supporting the mitochondria (source of all energy), supporting our stress response (we need that these days!), building the foundation to our detoxification system, and so on.  Any deficiency in one amino acid can create a mal-function within the body.  Any mal-function can create a cascade of effects.

Living on a pescetarian diet has its limitations.  Fish, eggs and whole sprouted organic tofu and a few plant-based foods are truly the only options to acquire the 21 essential and non-essential amino acids.  Alternative vegan/vegetarian products are filled with chemicals, Soy vegetable protein (TVP), processes and even gluten (seiten).  Those products are exactly that; a product, not real food.  Fish has its issues as well as our oceans, lakes and rivers are contaminated.  So truly a real food, pescetarian diet would require small fish (that can fit in a pan), free range local eggs and tofu.  I was getting bored with my food options.  And the research was compelling regarding the benefits of eating grass-fed, organic meat.

Why did I quit eating meat in the first place? I suffered from debilitating menstrual pain (vomiting, diarrhea, severe exhaustion) since I was 12 years of age.  The doctors placed me on many anti-inflammatories including drugs, attempted to remove the tissue (the burns were too deep), put me through menopause when I was 20 and their last recommendation was Vicodin on a weekly basis.  After 14 years of severe pain, no resolve and on my way to a drug addiction I read Dr. Northrup’s book “Women’s Body, Women’s Wisdom”.  She recommended that dairy and meats were inflammatory.  She also suggested eliminating them to see if it made a difference.  (An elimination diet in 1996?  Now it is one healing modality for my clients).  I became a vegan.  In 3 months my pain became tolerable. In 6 months it was mostly gone.   My years of eating an American, Italian diet were over.  Or so I thought.

When I study and learn and if applicable I will try the health tip out on myself.  For example: eating a spoonful of coconut oil every morning, interval training at 20 minutes per day 4 times per week (to compare benefits to endurance training), progesterone therapy, abstaining from alcohol, sugars and wheat… etcetera.   I am 44 years old, athletic, lean and a borderline A personality.  Basic metabolic typing suggests that my body requires more fats and proteins in my diet to support the external stressors and the internal stressors.   I am peri-menopausal which means hormonal shifts are occurring.  I am cautious about how I will cycle.  Will I experience pain again? I won’t know if my health will improve/decline until I try.

Beginning to eat organic grass-fed meat again is a major mind-shift and will create a biochemical shift as well.  I’m looking forward to the findings and I’ll be sure to share them with you as I journey through this change.

I’ll let you know.  

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What’s at the root of many problems?

Advocate for healingWhat’s at the root of many problems?

Inflammation.  Swelling, irritation and ultimately inflammation is at the source of many dis-eases.  Fibromyalgia, sinus problems, aches and pains, a compromised immune system, migraines and so much more result from inflammation.
Where does the inflammation come from you ask?  Inflammation results from one or several factors depending on the individual.
1. Sugar and refined foods.
2. Hidden food sensitivities.
3. Nutritional deficiencies.
4. Toxins including heavy metals.
5. Digestive issues (the gut is often referred to as ‘the second brain’.
6. Stress (emotional, trauma, social or work related)
7. Inadequate exercise.
8. Insufficient sleep.
9. Chronic infections (viruses, parasites,bacteria, fungus, etc).

Today, I’ll talk about sugar and refined foods.

Sugary and refined foods.  The average american eats about 159 pounds of sugar per year.  Eating sugar wreaks havoc on the stress hormones and provokes a surge of insulin and adrenaline putting the body on a long tumultuous roller coaster ride.  The body in a constant effort of trying to compensate for the sugar surges results in inflammation; inflammation that spreads throughout the body and can and will eventually inflame the brain.

I know. I’ve seen it first hand.  My 10 year old daughter who generally is a pleasant, energetic child lost the plot on Easter Sunday.  Following the departure of good friends, a raging temper tantrum ensued that lasted for at least one hour: stomping, screaming, lashing and more. I hadn’t seen one of these since she was a toddler.  A couple hours after the incident she apologized.  The next morning she woke up with a headache.  I helped her clean her room two days after the incident and discovered several opened,used sugar packets under her bed.  When I asked her what in the world were these doing there she then released the truth. Easter Sunday in the morning, her and a few friends ate from them.  Aha! She sheepishly acknowledged that the sugar explained her toddler-like rage that wildly took over her and the headache that she had the following morning.  Natural consequences work great for my daughter. Sugar + child = temper tantrum/headache.

Sugar significantly attributes to inflammation but there are more inflammatory markers to look at.    Hidden food sensitivities are the next topic of discussion, one of great importance. See you tomorrow!

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Finding the right tools so your body can heal

Because it can.  I know.  I’m one of them.  From the age of 12 to 26 I suffered from chronic pain, until I found the right recipe for my health.  I’ve been pain free for 16 years.  No drugs and no suffering.

My son is another.  He suffered from 20 to 40 seizures daily for approximately a year and a half.  The prognosis for my son was grim.  We were emotionally depleted and for some time putting ourselves and our son’s future in the hands of the medical professionals.  It wasn’t working.  My sons seizures increased and his toxic levels reached a new peak from the drug cocktails that were put forth.  Intuitively I knew that there was an entire body attached to my son’s over-examined head.  Once we we changed our reaction, sought other thinkers and looked at his whole body we found the right tools. His body is healing.  No drugs and no lapse in development.  He hasn’t had a seizure in 20 months. And he plays the cello, learns in two languages, skis and loves life every day.

My daughter is the third.  She’s suffered from vomiting migraines for 3 years now.  I’ve found great resolve and still seeking the root cause.  No drugs and no suffering.

It’s taken me three family members to realize what I am meant to do.  I’ve never been very good at following the “rules” just because someone put them in place.  Over time I’ve realized that  the more that I look at a problem with multiple perspectives the more I learn.    I’ve been studying health for over 15 years and am currently acquiring further training as a functional nutritionist.  I read all the time; interview great thinkers both in and out of the medical field and keep current on what can help people heal.  I truly believe that I can help others find the underlying causes of their symptoms and the tools they need so that they can heal.  I am here to help you!