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Register for a FREE WEBINAR: Learn how to NOT get the flu this season (whether you’ve had the flu shot or not)


Join me in a FREE Webinar and learn how to prevent getting sick with the flu or any other virus or infection running rampant.  

We know that the actual flu virus only affects 5% to 20% of the American population.  The remainder of spreading results from other viral strains.  When affected the average recovery may take up  to 20 days.  

What you’ll learn:

  • It’s not your coworkers or your children that give you the flu
  • The triggers that make you vulnerable to get the flu and other infections 
  • That you don’t have to give up all of your favorite foods to feel great
  • You have complete power over your health.

Be sure to register and please share with others.

The date for the webinar is Monday, January 18th at 5:00pm PST  I’ll keep it brief but chocked full of tools you can walk away with. 

Register by clicking this link.

Helping you find the tools to be well,

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What can YOU do to prevent Ebola?


Ebola is a live virus that can not be transmitted airborne but through fluids. It’s pressing in the news as new outbreaks occur and no vaccine exists to prevent it’s spread. Fear is on the rise and vaccines are on the “fast-track” process (a process that disregards long-term effects and biochemical individuality).   Yes; there are contaminated individuals so the spread appears imminent and we feel out of control. BUT as individuals we must stop for a moment and consider what each of us can do to prevent the receipt of this virus and ultimately feel empowered again.

Under the premise of functional medicine, the immune system must be strong to prevent any pathogens from compromising the body’s performance. These pathogens may look like parasites, bacteria, fungus as well as a virus. In order to strengthen the immune system you must: remove what’s irritating the body and stressing it out and boost its resources.

What are 7 things you can do today that will strengthen your immune system and make you feel more in control?

1. Remove all sugars from your diet (internal stress)

2. Practice breathing, yoga, relaxation to reduce your external stress

3. Ensure your vitamin D levels are ample (50 is an ample number). Adequate Vitamin D levels have been proven to strengthen the immune system.

4. Eat REAL food (protein, good fats and 2 vegetables)

5. Sleep

6. Exercise steady.

7. Replenish your digestive tract with good bacteria by a probiotic or through fermented foods.

8. BELIEVE that you will remain well.


Be well,


7. BELIEVE that you will remain well.


Be well,