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I eat that food all of the time and it doesn’t bother me…


I hear this comment often from my clients, at least initially. 

I’ve written about the power of identifying  food sensitivities.  A food that is consumed consistently can serve one of two purposes. The first and more preferable outcome is that the food is digested and the nutrients and waste are directed through the proper channels.  The alternative outcome is the food is identified as “foreign” in the body, antibodies unfold and a battle ground is created resulting in chronic inflammation.  The latter is an often time silent process, rather than an immediate cause and effect.

How an individual manifests this inflammatory response is highly individual.  It can manifest into migraines, chronic pain, aches, swelling, vomiting, digestive issues, sleep issues, hormonal problems, fatigue, neurological disorders and so much more. 

When a client consumes a sensitive food consistently, the body becomes “conditioned” or “de-sensitized” to the ongoing crisis.  It’s been a gradual process so the person becomes unaware of the ongoing damage.  It’s not until the food has been fully eliminated for an extended period of time that the body becomes “sensitized”.  It relaxes from the ongoing battle.  When the food is reintroduced, BAM! The response hits and the person realizes that in fact the food is a problem.

Just because you eat a food consistently doesn’t mean it is the right food for your body.  Identifying foods that create an inflammatory response in the body can bring a client many steps closer to healing. 

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Lynn does what?

My apologies (I posted the wrong video.  A major OOPS).  

Many people question what FDN is and what I do specifically to help men,women,children find the tools they need to heal from symptoms.  Ultimately FDN merges clinical nutrition and functional medicine. Not sure what functional medicine is? Have you ever seen Dr. Mark Hyman on the Dr. Oz show? He practices functional medicine as a physician.  I am not a physician and I do not treat or diagnose but rather identify and support.  This video offers a brief explanation of my approach.  Hope this helps.

Be well,

Is this the year of change for you?

downloadSo many of us become inspired by New Years Day.  It’s the start of a New Year and has the potential to bring something greater; more than we achieved in the prior years.  Resolutions get created in hopes that a true change will take place.  ‘This is the year I’m going to give up chocolate, reduce alcohol, spend more time with my children, eat better, lose weight, run a marathon, smile more’… sound familiar?

Yet, for many of us, changing behaviors seems to be more challenging than it seems it should. We find that:

  • We are good at making resolutions
  • We are good at executing them, at least initially
  • We tend to slowly (and sometimes abruptly) “fall off the wagon”

Why is it so difficult to make a change?

Einstein said it best with “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.  What you are doing may work initially but isn’t working through until the end.  Yet we keep using the same approaches and ultimately getting the same results. 

Are you ready to change your approach to health so you can get a different result?

  • Make small changes that bring big results?
  • Boost your immune system since virus’ and bacteria are unavoidable?
  • Restore your sleep, weight, energy by using tools for life?

If so, I’m here to help.

Here’s just a couple of dozens of testimonials:

…”After just a couple of months of mild diet adjustment, vitamin and hormone supplements, I feel like a completely different person. The difference in my energy level is amazing!”- Shelby

“I lost about 20lbs without really trying, which was a big bonus, and I’ve kept it off by going back and forth between eating as I should and having “treats”.

Join me in helping you find the YOUnique diet.  The diet that is specifically designed for you: that uses small changes to create big results so that you can get back to sleeping well, managing your weight and feeling energized. 

Stay tuned for more details on the YOUnique diet.